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North Beach JFC has Platinum level insurance with AFL insurers JLT Sport, under the 2013/2014 Australian Football National Risk Protection Programme.

Highlights of the Club’s Insurance Policy includes the following:

  • NBJFC is a member of the JLT (Australian Football National Risk Protection Program) Discretionary Trust (JDT) Arrangement, which offers protection to players for certain costs related to an injury sustained whilst involved in club activities, including official matches and training sessions.
  • NBJFC has ‘Platinum’ cover under the JDT Arrangement, the highest level of cover.
  • Subject to the policy terms and exclusions of the Platinum cover:
    • (a) the following are generally covered – physio, chiro, dental, private hospital accommodation and ambulance transport costs; and
    • (b) the following are generally not covered – doctors’, surgeons’ and anaesthetist fees, X-rays and costs of MRI scans.
  • The JDT Arrangement is not insurance because one element of the JDT Arrangement involves the trustee’s absolute discretion whether or not to pay a claim.
  • Because of this, parents of players at NBJFC are strongly advised to ensure that they have adequate private health (or other personal health or injury) insurance in place and not to rely solely upon the JDT Arrangement because they may be left in a situation of being burdened with significant “out of pocket” expenses that are not covered by the JDT Arrangement when a claim is made.
  • This link explains the Non Medicare Medical cover

2. Club e-comm_Non Medicare Medical

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